Sunday, February 3, 2013

Celebrating a Twilight Wedding…

As posted on October 29, 2011:

Welcome to the Fancy Footnotes, Fancy Cakes by Leslie’s new blog. As a bakery that specializes in wedding cake creations, we have chosen to debut our blog as we celebrate the wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the final chapter of the Twilight series, premiering in theaters across the country in November. The saga, which follows the love affair between Bella, a human, and Edward, a vampire, ends with Breaking Dawn. Its release on November 18th in the D.C. area is expected to bring with it a flurry of flick-fandom. Movie-goer’s will see for themselves what author Stephanie Meyers wrote in black and white. The movie is, in actuality, the visual translation of the love born between Edward and Bella — it’s the result of the vision of a creative team that includes screen-writers, producers and actors whose job it is to bring words and emotions alive. As a creator of cakes and pastries, the visual celebration of love is dear to me, as well, and wedding cakes are my specialty. I have seen love in so many forms over more than two decades behind the helm at Fancy Cakes by Leslie. Each couple has their own special flavor of love; it is my job to take what these couples tell me about themselves, about their love affair, about their connection and create for them out of flour and sugar — a sweet reflection of that love. It is eerily appropriate given the Twilight debut, that just last month I created for an adorable, fun-loving couple a Zombie Wedding cake.

Fancy Cakes by Leslie "Zombie Wedding Cake" for Alexandria, VA wedding. All photos (c)

It was the directive of the husband, a rarity in the wedding business. He came in with copious notes about the cake that he wanted to share with his soon-to-be-wife. And so, for this couple that wanted to celebrate the fun-side of their friendship and love, the Zombie cake was born. It was a wonderful and fantastical challenge for my team and for me. The result was a comedic opus that captured the couple creatively and deliciously. Here is another angle, a close up of the Zombie bride and groom, by Baltimore wedding photographer Dennis Drenner.

In keeping with the theme of this Zombie wedding and the release of Breaking Dawn, Fancy Cakes by Leslie this month will be unveiling vampire cupcakes, “Twilight Treats,” as a pre- and post-movie celebration of the movie’s release. Come in to Fancy Cakes by Leslie and see how we’re celebrating Edward and Bella’s love. And treat us to  a “like” on Facebook, because more often than not, true love begins with friendship.
As told to Cari Shane, writer